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Our Story

Over the past 12 years, we have frequented Belize on mission trips where we met and worked with Rafi Cob and others to bring basic needs and resources to Belize. 


Most of our projects surrounded schools, assisting them to create new or upgrade existing computer labs.  We also gave tools to teachers that provided curriculum for special education children.  In addition to helping with educational needs, we passed out clothing, taught gardening, provided chicken coups, and helped with some construction needs.


A few years ago, the Church that employed Rafi drastically reduced their Social Services Department due to economic hardships, which left Rafi without a job that he loved and a diminished food pantry that mainly serves those in the city of Corozal. 


This weighed heavy on our hearts, and on a trip to Belize in September of 2019, we saw for our own eyes the need for basic services in the rural areas. Covid has only increased these needs. 


Rafi and his wife Desi continued to do what they could for others. While contemplating how we could be helpful, God put it on our hearts to partner with Rafi and start a non-profit to fund a solution


Along with providing monthly staple food items, Rafi will give pastoral care and counseling to those being served. These services will help some to get back on their feet, thus providing an opening for other families. 



We hope to serve 50 families a month and have a reserve for emergency purposes, especially during hurricane season. We are confident the pantry will bring blessings, healing, and love to those who need it the most.

Rafi Cob
Belize Mission Manager

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